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Guía para la evaluación de daños y análisis de necesidades en sistemas de agua y saneamiento rural

Downloads: 7
Author: Proyecto SABA PLUS, COSUDE, CARE Peru
Year of Publishing: 2018

Lead in drinking-water: Health risks, monitoring and corrective actions Technical brief

Downloads: 34
Author: WHO
Year of Publishing: 2022
Publisher: World Health Organization

Household Water Insecurity Experiences Scale User Manual

Downloads: 31
Author: Young SL, Boateng GO, Jamaluddine Z, Miller JD, et al.
Year of Publishing: 2019
Publisher: North Western University
Institution: HWISE Research Coordination Network

Measuring functionality and performance levels Technical brief

Downloads: 224
Author: Fallas, H. C., MacDonald, A.M., Casey, V., Kebede, S., Owor, M., Mwathunga, E., Calow, R., Cleaver, F., Cook, P., Fenner, R.A., Dessie, N., Yehualaeshet, T., Wolde, G., Okullo, J., Katusiime, F., Alupo, G., Berochan, G., Chavula, G., Banda, S., Mleta, P.,
Year of Publishing: 2018
Publisher: British Geological Survey (BGS)
Institution: UPGro Hidden Crisis Consortium

Vote4WASH campaign

Downloads: 26
Author: Vote4WASH
Year of Publishing: 2019
Publisher: Vote4WASH
Institution: Vote4WASH

Assessing the Risk to Groundwater from On-Site Sanitation Guidelines for

Downloads: 131
Author: Lawrence, A., Macdonald, D., Howard, A., Barrett, M., Pedley, S., Ahmed, K., Nalubega, M.
Year of Publishing: 2001
Publisher: British Geological Survey 2001

The Water Point Mapping Updating Methodology A Guide by WaterAid Tanzania

Downloads: 216
Author: WaterAid
Year of Publishing: 2014
Publisher: WaterAid

Water quality testing to establish whether high iron originates from corrosion of pump components or the aquifer Method Sheet

Downloads: 130
Author: BROWN, L.
Year of Publishing: 2013
Publisher: WaterAid

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