RWSN Chair

The network is governed by an Executive Steering Committee, comprises two representatives from each of its organisations. The committee nominates a chair for a three year term, which can be extended once. The current chair of RWSN is Dr Tommy Ka Kit Ngai, since January 2022 and a new Chair will be found in 2024.

RWSN Secretariat

The RWSN Secretariat is the coordination unit the RWSN and plays a crucial role in coordinating RWSN activities, ensuring they are in line with the overall objectives and as per the guidance provided by the RWSN Steering Committee and communicating with the RWSN members.

  • Sean Furey (Director), Skat Foundation, Switzerland
  • Dr Aline Saraiva Okello (Network Manager), Skat Foundation, Kenya
  • Batima Tleulinova (RWSN Communications and Engagement Officer), Skat Foundation, Kazakhstan
  • Susanna Germanier (Intern), Skat Foundation, Colombia

With specialist support from:

  • Rena Salzmann, Skat Foundation
  • Andrea Güpfert, Skat Foundation
  • Bertha Camacho, Skat Foundation

RWSN Theme Leaders

An RWSN Theme is a broad area of interest that the RWSN Executive Steering Committee sees as strategically important. Each of the RWSN Themes and Topics are led by Theme Leaders, i.e. an individual from among the seven RWSN Executive Steering Committee Organisations with support from some Member Organisations who have expressed a willingness to provide in-kind support for a specific Topic.

RWSN Theme: Leave No One Behind
  • Sandra van Soelen (Simavi)
  • Temple Oraeki (Water Youth Network)
  • Euphresia Luseka (Independent)
  • Amita Bhakta (Independent)
RWSN Theme: Data 4 Action (formerly Mapping & Monitoring)
  • Muthi Nhlema (BASEFLOW)
  • Mutala Abdul Mumin (WaterAid)
  RWSN Theme: Self-Supply
  • Matthias Saladin (Skat Foundation)
  • Diana Gonzalez Botero (UTS)
  • Tim Foster (UTS)
RWSN Theme: Sustainable Groundwater Development
  • Ramon Brentführer (BGR)
  • Mandy Goksu & David Inman (Water Mission/Global Water Center)
  RWSN Theme: Sustainable Services
  • Analia Saker (Aguaconsult)
RWSN Theme: Multiple Use of water Services (MUS)
  • Dr Barbara van Koppen (IWMI)
  • David Smith (WE&B)
  • Narayan Singh Khawas

Do you have an idea for collaboration with RWSN, or would like become a Theme Leader? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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