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Professionnaliser l'eau et l'assainissement en milieu rural au Mali

Downloads: 837
Author: GIZ
Year of Publishing: 2020
Publisher: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

What’s Working, Where, and for How Long A 2016 Water Point Update to the RWSN (2009) statistics

Downloads: 605
Author: Banks, B. & S. G. Furey
Year of Publishing: 2016
Publisher: RWSN
Institution: GWC/Skat

Ten key steps in the Community Managed Project (CMP) approach to rural water supply CMP approach: Effective and sustainable WASH services

Downloads: 403
Author: Butterworth, J.
Year of Publishing: 2012
Institution: COWASH

Monitoring & Data for Rural Water Supplies Poster for 2018 AGUASAN Workshop

Downloads: 188
Author: Furey S. G.
Year of Publishing: 2018
Publisher: Skat Foundation
Institution: RWSN-UPGro-REACH

Providing a basic level of water and sanitation services that last: COST BENCHMARKS WASHCost Infosheet 1

Downloads: 178
Year of Publishing: 2012
Publisher: IRC
Institution: WASHCOST

RWSN @ SIWI World Water Week 2019

Downloads: 106
Author: RWSN secretariat
Year of Publishing: 2019
Publisher: RWSN

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