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Upton K. & Danert, K (editors)

Year of Publishing

Skat Foundation


Groundwater’s Contribution to Water Security in Africa UPGro Working Paper


This paper has been prepared by researchers within the UPGro (Unlocking the Potential of Groundwater for the Poor) Programme, along with colleagues from the International Association of Hydrogeologists, Africa Groundwater Network, and GRIPP. It is intended as a working paper, presenting a summary of our current understanding of groundwater in Africa along four themes: (1) urban water security, (2) socially inclusive and sustainable rural water services, (3) groundwater for agricultural growth and transformation, and (4) groundwater resources and renewability.

Bibliographical Information:

Upton K. & Danert, K (editors) (2019) Groundwater’s Contribution to Water Security in Africa. UPGro Working Paper , UPGro , Skat Foundation , St. Gallen

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Groundwater’s Contribution to Water Security in Africa
pdf • Size: 2.87 MB

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