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RWSN SADC strategic workshop report_June2021

Report and slides of the Strategic Workshop Rural Water Supply Network: Designing a regional presence in Southern Africa (SADC), 29 June 2021. | »

Manually operated Pumps for Drinking Water Supply in Madagascar An overview of the current status (July 2004)

UNICEF Madagascar has been supporting rural water supply and sanitation activities in Madagascar for over ten years. The Water, Environment and Sanitation (WES) desk of UNICEF works with Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), Government of Madagascar, on a number of water supply initiatives. One of these projects, in the southern part of Tulear Province (also known as the South - Sud), comprised of drilling wells and installation of 150 lndia Mark ll handpumps in the vicinity of Antanimora. This is referred to as the AAEPA Project later in this report. The installation handpumps in the AAEPA Project was completed during 1994-96 and has since then been supported by UNICEF for its operation and maintenance (O&M) with supply of spare parts. lt has gone through a number of reorganisations of its O&M system.

UNICEF Madagascar appointed Raj Kumar Daw, Project Officer - Handpump Technology Network, (PO-HTN) from UNICEF, lndia Country Office, New Delhi, for this study. The study was carried out during 5-29 July 2004. | »


L’UNICEF a lancé cette année un projet sur le Forage Manuel (Manual Drilling) pour avoir une vision générale sur le potentiel du pays pour la mise en œuvre des techniques de perforation à bas coût.
Dans le cadre du projet d’appui à la diffusion des techniques de forage manuel en Afrique, UNICEF a réalisé une étude pour identifier les zones favorables aux forages manuels a Madagascar ; et pour la réalisation de cette étude, une collecte d’informations au niveau locale (dans les institutions principales) et auprès des sources de données internationales a été réalisée. Ces informations ont été organisées dans un système d’information géographique afin d’analyser les différentes couches thématiques qui permettent de déterminer, pour chaque zone, les paramètres qui contribuent à de la faisabilité des forages manuels. | »

SADC-GMI Short Course 1: Drilling Supervision (2018) 23 – 27 April 2018, Institute for Groundwater Studies, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa

The Drilling Supervision short course was conducted to participants from Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states. The training was conducted as part of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for professionals in the groundwater industry. In the modern professional ethics, the groundwater work falls under the hydrogeology/geohydrology profession. However in most of the developing countries, the hydrogeology or geohydrology professional is just starting to evolve and there is therefore limited number of specialized hydrogeologist/geohydrologist experts, thus the training did not exclude all other professionals who are involved at various levels in groundwater.

The course covered: Geology and Groundwater Occurrence; Understanding Basic Aspects of Groundwater; Principles of Borehole Supervision; On-site Supervision; Drilling Preparation; Drilling; Borehole Development and Completion; Field demonstration of pumping test; and Borehole profiling and collection of groundwater samples | »

The 2019 RWSN directory of rural water supply services, tariffs, management models and lifecycle costs 2019 Edition [ENGLISH]

The rural water supply sector is undergoing a period of change. In response to the challenges of achieving universal access to safe, affordable drinking water and sustaining those services, there has been increasing innovation in different types of rural water service models.

This Directory is intended to show the growing range of management options. Some are novel interventions that are still being piloted, others have been established for a decade or more.

Also includes: Handpump Statistics 2019 (from WPDx data from Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia-Pacific)

Aussi disponible en français

NEW: this Directory is currently being updated. Please refer to the information below to contribute. | »

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