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Evaluation of Maintenance Systems in Ghana

Report on a field evaluation of 6 handpump rural water projects programmes across Ghana.
Will be of interest/use to those researching longer term impacts and sustainability of rural water aid programmes in Ghana.

(thanks to IRC for having a scanned copy on their website) | »

Groundwater’s Contribution to Water Security in Africa UPGro Working Paper

This paper has been prepared by researchers within the UPGro (Unlocking the Potential of Groundwater for the Poor) Programme, along with colleagues from the International Association of Hydrogeologists, Africa Groundwater Network, and GRIPP. It is intended as a working paper, presenting a summary of our current understanding of groundwater in Africa along four themes: (1) urban water security, (2) socially inclusive and sustainable rural water services, (3) groundwater for agricultural growth and transformation, and (4) groundwater resources and renewability. | »

Effective Joint Sector Reviews for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) A Study and Guidance - 2016

This is the first consolidated and referenced multicountry study of Water or Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Joint Sector Reviews (JSRs). The study report and associated Learning Note and Poster provide an understanding of JSR processes and practical guidance on how to introduce and improve them. The study sets out a methodology in the form of visual checklists to reflect and take stock of WASH JSR processes. This could also form the foundation for subsequent cross-country comparisons of the JSR process.

The publications provide an analysis of JSRs as well as practical guidance on how to introduce and effectively manage them. The initial focus of the work was on JSRs in fragile states. However, the contested definitions of a fragile state, arbitrary thresholds as well as the realization that there are common issues with respect to JSRs in nonfragile countries led to a widening of the scope of countries studied. Notably, all countries included are considerably donor dependant for WASH. The study considered 25 countries, and found that between 2001 and 2015, WASH JSRs had taken place in 19 of them.

Note that these documents are review copies. | »

District Monitoring Water Point Mapping and Monitoring Series

This second webinar visited case studies of district monitoring experiences in Ethiopia, Bolivia and Ghana to review the methods, costs, challenges and lessons to be learned from each experience. | »

Service delivery indicators and monitoring to improve sustainability of rural water supplies in Ghana

Current approaches to monitoring rural water supplies focus primarily on coverage measured in terms of numbers of systems built and people served. Such approaches do not normally take into account the fact that, without proper support for operations and planning for maintenance and replacement, systems break down and services deteriorate. Recent studies suggest that around a third of water facilities in sub-Saharan Africa are not functioning at all or are performing well below their design standard. This paper draws on the monitoring work in Ghana by the Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA) and Triple-S, showing how monitoring systems can be used to track service levels over time, as well as the key technical, financial and management functions of service providers or operators and the oversight and support functions of service authorities (often local or district government), so that problems can be anticipated and addressed. | »

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