M. Bhatta

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Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation

Water use master plan


A water use master plan supports the development of integrated water resources at the local level; all stakeholders, including disadvantaged groups, take part in the plan.

A water use master plan (WUMP) is a holistic, participatory, and inclusive planning process that takes an integrated approach to the management of water resources and uses at the village level. The WUMP specifies the total water budget for its planning unit, the village development committee (VDC), and explores potential uses for it. It empowers marginalized groups to claim their rights to an equitable share of water within and between communities. The WUMP also helps local bodies with annual and periodic planning and project prioritization.

Bibliographical Information:

M. Bhatta (2013) Water use master plan. , Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation


Water Use Master Plan brief
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