Kleemeier, E.L.

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World Bank

World Bank

Private Operators and Rural Water Supplies A Desk Review of Experience


This study examines experiences with using the private sector to manage domestic water
supplies serving dispersed populations or very small settlements in rural areas. The
potential contribution from private operators is well-known for small towns. The unanswered
question is whether private operators are an option for more remote rural areas with low population
density. This review therefore focused on operations that:
- Serve dispersed populations or settlements with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants in rural areas,
- Have been undertaken on a significant scale, and
- Engage individuals or for-profit organizations to manage water supplies.

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Bibliographical Information:

Kleemeier, E.L. (2010) Private Operators and Rural Water Supplies. A Desk Review of Experience , World Bank , World Bank


Private Operators and Rural Water Supplies
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