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Handpump Developments


By the year 2000 an estimated 2 billion people will lack access to safe water supply and adequate sanitation. Striving for universal coverage calls for mobilising additional resources, and maximising the impact of investment by using appropriate technologies.

Handpumps are environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and often the most cost-effective option available. Their designs have improved consistently over the past years. The VLOM concept brings enhanced effectiveness and accountability. Village communities select the technology and are responsible for operation and maintenance. The Handpump Technology Network (HTN) supports VLOM through: Institution and Capacity Building, R&D, Technology Transfer, and Dissemination of Information.

The achieved results are: Low cost technologies are recognised as viable alternatives. Communities successfully manage handpumps that are specifically designed for VLOM. The pumps are affordable, reliable and easy to maintain. Private sector participation in project implementation and local manufacture has been established. Standardisation has resulted in better quality products and substantial economic gains.

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Baumann E. (1998) Handpump Developments.


Handpump Developments
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