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Statutory Instruments for Groundwater in Zambia


The Government of Zambia has published three Statutory Instruments for Water Resources Management in relation to groundwater:

· Groundwater and Boreholes Regulations, 2018 includes the requirements for notice of intention to drill a borehole, specifications, borehole registration, and reporting in the case of a defective borehole.

· Licencing of Drillers, 2018 sets out requirements for registration and licencing of constructors, drillers and engineers.

· Charges and Fees, 2018 , includes permit requirements for hydropower, agricultural, mining, industrial, municipal user and other non-extractive users, as well as fees for borehole registration and drillers licencing.

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Bibliographical Information:

Government of Zambia (2018) Statutory Instruments for Groundwater in Zambia.


Government of Zambia (2018) Licencing of Drillers
pdf • Size: 4.2 MB

Government of Zambia (2018) Fees and Charges
pdf • Size: 1.37 MB

Government of Zambia (2018) Groundwater and Boreholes Regulations
pdf • Size: 6.23 MB

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