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Procurement, Costing & Pricing and Contract Management of Borehole Construction - Zambia Short Course Report Striving for Professionalism in Cost Effective Boreholes in Zambia


The Ministry of Local Government and Housing (MLGH) Zambia and the Water and Resources Management Authority (WARMA) weresupported by the cooperation of UNICEF and Skat Foundation to strengthen capacity in the country with respect to siting, drilling, supervision, procurement and contract management. The support included the delivery of a five-day short course to 38 participants in Zambia on drilling procurement, costing & pricing and contract management. This report presents the proceedings and outcomes of the course.

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ADEKILE, D and DANERT, K (2016) Procurement, Costing & Pricing and Contract Management of Borehole Construction - Zambia Short Course Report. Striving for Professionalism in Cost Effective Boreholes in Zambia , Skat Foundation , Skat Foundation

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Zambia Short Course Report
pdf • Size: 2.41 MB

Day 1 - Part I - Introduction
pdf • Size: 1.1 MB

Day 1 - Part II - Understanding Groundwater
pdf • Size: 4.21 MB

Day 1 - Part III - What does cost-effective boreholes mean?
pdf • Size: 1.29 MB

Day 2 - Procurement and Contract Management
pdf • Size: 2.06 MB

Day 3 - Procurement and Contract Management
pdf • Size: 1.75 MB

Day 4 - Costing and Pricing of Boreholes
pdf • Size: 1.4 MB

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