Kerstin Danert and Nigel Motts

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Domestic Rainwater Harvesting: Uganda Field Study Report 2009


This report presents the findings of a study which assessed the potential for promoting DRWH production and distribution chains on a commercial basis in rural Uganda. The report provides recommendations on how this might be achieved. Moreover, an in-depth analysis of current practises of DRWH in Uganda was undertaken, including the varieties of recipients used and the options for upgrading. Existing supply chains and products for water storage were analyzed and the potential for introducing a new storage container (developed by EnterpriseWorks/Vita) was evaluated, concluding that such a product would be a compelling value-proposition to budget-minded, low-income customers.

DISCLAIMER: This is a non-RWSN publication and endorsement by RWSN or any of its member organisations should not be inferred.

Bibliographical Information:

Kerstin Danert and Nigel Motts (2009) Domestic Rainwater Harvesting: Uganda. Field Study Report 2009 , EnterpriseWorks/VITA , EnterpriseWorks/VITA , Washington DC, USA


Domestic Rainwater Harvesting: Uganda
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