Alexandra Snelgrove, Kimberley Patrick

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Domestic Rainwater Harvesting: Vietnam Field Study Report 2009


This reports summarizes the findings of a field study undertaken in Vietnam in 2009. An in-depth investigation of the sub-sector of domestic rainwater harvesting (DRWH) was undertaken. Enbaling conditions for the relatively high level of practie of DRWH in some regions of Vietnam were examined alonside potential threats for the further expansion of this practice, with a particular focus on the intention to introduce an alternative product to the standard mortar jars ("Thai Jars"). Recommendations are made on how to introduce and market the alternative product, developed by EnterpriseWorks/Vita as a flexible membrane container.

DISCLAIMER: This is a non-RWSN publication and endorsement by RWSN or any of its member organisations should not be inferred.

Bibliographical Information:

Alexandra Snelgrove, Kimberley Patrick (2009) Domestic Rainwater Harvesting: Vietnam. Field Study Report 2009 , EnterpriseWorks/VITA , EnterpriseWorks/VITA , Washington DC, USA


Domestic Rainwater Harvesting: Vietnam
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