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UPGro Catalyst projects A synthesis and individual project activities and results


This report summarises the contribution to groundwater knowledge of the 15 catalyst projects funded through the UPGro programme between 2013 and 2014, plus the The Africa Groundwater Atlas and Literature Archive.
The projects worked in 12 individual countries (see next page - some countries had more than one project), and three had an Africa-wide focus or component.
At the time of writing two of the 15 projects are still running (Velasquez-Orta and Colombo). The Groundwater Atlas project will also continue as a major archive of African groundwater information.

Bibliographical Information:

UPGro (2015) UPGro Catalyst projects. A synthesis and individual project activities and results , Skat Foundation , St Gallen, Switzerland


UPGro Catalyst Synthesis
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