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Groundwater Quality and Handpump Corrosion in Africa UNDP-World Bank Handpumps Project


This report presents the experience from the World Bank-executed UNDPINTIS1/026 Handpumps Project, which analyzed groundwater quality and handpump corrosion in the West African subregion. First of all this report provides an overview of groundwater quality and its physico-chemical composition within the subregion comprising the following countries: Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, and Niger. This information can be of interest to thse sectors using or depending on groundwater, such as urban and rural water supply, agriculture, industry, and so forth. Additionally, this report covers subjects particularly related to the rural water supply sub-sector, such as the relationships between groundwater quality and user acceptance, groundwater pollution in the rural environment, variations of the physico-chemical composition of groundwater due to natural and anthropogenic effects, as well as some indications of groundwater quality as related to bacteriology.

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LANGENEGGER, O. (1994) Groundwater Quality and Handpump Corrosion in Africa. UNDP-World Bank Handpumps Project , WSP , World Bank , Washington DC, USA


Groundwater Quality and Handpump Corrosion in Africa
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