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Accelerating Self Supply - A Case Study from Mali RWSN Field Note 2010-1


Self Supply is an approach whereby households are supported to make their own investments in water supplies. Mali is one of four countries considering the adoption of Self Supply into its rural water supply strategy. This follows moves by the Rural Wa-ter Supply Network (RWSN) to highlight the potential that household investment may have as an option for increasing the rate of water supply improvements in a country with over 200,000 unlined traditional wells. This represents one for every five households. Initially it is the health sector taking the initia-tive, as they recognise the numbers of people using these wells and the potential impact of progressive health risk reduction. Protection from contamination is accompanied by promotion of the productive use of water to repay investment. This paper documents progress in relation to Self Supply approaches in Mali and identifies some of the issues which may influence strategy or which need resolving.

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SUTTON, S. (2010) Accelerating Self Supply - A Case Study from Mali. RWSN Field Note 2010-1 , RWSN , St Gallen, Switzerland


Accelerating Self Supply - A Case Study from Mali
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