Javan Nkhosi & Kerstin Danert

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RWSN, Ask for Water, Skat Foundation

STOP THE ROT: History of the Rapid Handpump Corrosion Problem in Zambia and Potential Next Steps


This report presents the history and geographic extent of the rapid handpump corrosion phenomenon in Zambia, including fragmented and seemingly forgotten solutions. The report charts when and where the phenomenon became evident in the country, the measures taken (or not), and what was learned (or not), and proposes next steps for the Zambian government and its cooperating partners to tackle this pervasive problem.
Rapid handpump corrosion occurs when aggressive groundwater reacts with galvanised iron (GI) riser pipes and rods of a handpump, and the India Mark II in particular. The materials corrode, with the pumped water becoming bitter in taste, with an unpleasant smell and a rusty colour. This not only renders the water unfit for drinking from a user perspective but also considerably reduces the pump lifespan. In Zambia, the main cause of rapid handpump corrosion is contact between groundwater with a pH of less than 6.5 and GI pipes and rods. However, salinity is also a problem in some parts of the country and can result in rapid corrosion too.

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Javan Nkhosi & Kerstin Danert (2023) STOP THE ROT: History of the Rapid Handpump Corrosion Problem in Zambia and Potential Next Steps. , RWSN, Ask for Water, Skat Foundation , RWSN

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Stop the Rot @ ZAWAFE 2023, Lusaka, Zambia: Report of Focussed Session
pdf • Size: 1.52 MB

History of the Rapid Handpump Corrosion Problem in Zambia and Potential Next Steps
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