More than 100 organisations worldwide are members of the Rural Water Supply Network. Being a Member Organisation of RWSN is a commitment to sharing knowledge and good practices, and to uphold the statements set out in the RWSN Vision and 2011 Kampala Commitments.

To join as a RWSN Member Organisation, please download and fill out the application form and return it to ruralwater[at]

Benefits of membership as an organisation: 

  1. Increased visibility through the logo and organisation page on the Member Organisation page of the RWSN website;
  2. Preferential posting of items in the RWSN quarterly newsletter, reaching thousands of rural water professionals in several languages; 
  3. Opportunities to Collaborate with RWSN and other RWSN Member Organisations through joint activities, or to get a larger platform at Water and WASH events. 
  4. Network and exchange with other RWSN Member Organisations through dedicated face-to-face and online events for Member Organisations only.

Who can become a RWSN Member Organisation?

An organisation should fulfil the following criteria to become a Member Organisation:

  • Support the aims of RWSN (agree to the RWSN Vision and 2011 Kampala Commitments)
  • Have a website
  • Be willing to insert the "RWSN Member Organisation" logo on your website (if technically possible) and create a link back to the RWSN website
  • Have at least three people working full time for your organisation
  • Have been a registered entity for at least 2 years

If you do not meet these requirements then the individual membership is probably more suitable. 

Conditions and cost of membership

RWSN values the support of our Member Organisations; your financial contributions play a crucial role in fostering a thriving network, enhancing learning and collaboration among members, and demonstrating a commitment to the mission and values of RWSN. As a result, Member Organisations can enjoy exclusive benefits and opportunities. We understand that each organization has unique financial circumstances; therefore membership fees are not mandatory, and we encourage contributions that align with each member's capacity and priorities. By supporting RWSN, Member Organizations not only invest in the network, but also in their own future success. The guidelines below have been developed to guide Member Organisations’ yearly membership contributions:  

  • Small organisations (3-10 staff): USD 250/ year
  • Medium organisations (11-100 staff): USD 750/ year
  • Large organisations (100+ staff): USD 1000/ year
  • Networks or associations: USD 250/ year

Membership fees are due at the start of each calendar year and are essential to fund activities for all Member Organisations, to increase your visibility in the sector, share knowledge, and network. Member Organisations are invited to pay their membership fees through our online payment portal. Alternatively, we can send an invoice by email; please contact us by email (meleesa.naughton[at] if you would like us to issue an invoice.


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