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21.09.2020 • 14:00

Africa Source Water Protection Seminar • Online

The Nature Conservancy, jointly with the Ministry of Water, Sanitation & Irrigation
of Kenya and Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company, invites you to a virtual
Africa Source Water Protection Seminar. The seminar will take place on the date
previously reserved for the Africa Water Security Congress: Nairobi 2020 which has
been postponed to a later date.
Come and engage with key stakeholders in the water sector as they discuss high level
plans for the continent’s water security situation and ways to effectively engage in
the proceedings during the World Water Forum in Dakar, Senegal. The seminar also
aims to mobilize government, civil society and private sector on the need for them to
participate in the continent’s water agenda.


05.10.2020 - 09.10.2020

Water and Health University of North Carolina • Chapel Hill, USA (online)

The UNC Water and Health Conference: Science, Policy and Practice will be held October 26 – 30, 2020 virtually from the comfort of your home or office. The conference will explore drinking water supply, sanitation, hygiene and water resources in both developing and developed countries with a strong public health/COVID-19 emphasis.

More details to be published on their website soon:


22.03.2021 • 00:00

Journée mondiale de l’eau / World Water Day 2021 Valoriser l’eau / Valuing water • Global

Que signifie l’eau pour vous?
Partagez vos expériences et vos opinions sur le rôle de l’eau dans votre vie. Ajoutez #Water2me à votre message et contribuez à la #JourneeMondialeDelEau 2021!

L’eau évoque des choses différentes selon les personnes. Partagez ce message pour que tout le monde parle de l’eau. Ajoutez #Water2me à vos conversations et contribuez à la #JourneeMondialeDelEau 2021.

Participez à la conversation sur l’eau.
Chacun a son mot à dire sur notre ressource la plus précieuse.
Partagez vos expériences, réflexions et impressions en ajoutant #Water2me à vos messages et contribuez à la #JourneeMondialeDelEau 2021.


1. Que signifie l’eau pour vous?
2. Pourquoi l’eau est-elle importante pour vous?
3. En quoi l’eau influe-t-elle différemment sur les femmes et les hommes?
4. Quel rôle l’eau joue-t-elle dans vos pratiques culturelles?
5. Quel rôle l’eau joue-t-elle dans votre foyer, votre lieu de travail ou votre école?
6. Quel rôle l’eau jouera-t-elle dans votre avenir?
7. Quels changements concernant l’eau apporteriez vous dans votre région?
8. Pour quelles activités utilisez-vous le plus d’eau?
9. Quel est l’impact de l’eau sur les aliments que vous mangez?


25.03.2021 • 13:00

Public book launch: by Dr. Sally Sutton and Dr. John Butterworth • Online

Sally Sutton, IRC WASH, Practical Action Publishing, Skat Foundation and the Rural Water Supply Network are happy to announce an upcoming virtual book launch on the topic of Self-supply.

The event is to celebrate and launch the first dedicated book on this exciting topic.

- Day: March 25, 2021
- Time: 13.00 – 14.00 UTC time zone
- Participants: Open to anyone interested
- Costs: Free
- Speakers: Authors of the book (Dr. Sally Sutton, Dr. John Butterworth, and some of the authors of case studies)
- Facilitators: Jane Nabunya (IRC Uganda), Sean Furey (RWSN)

Commentators include staff of the African Development Bank, UNICEF, WHO, WaterAid, University of Leeds, and many more.

Please register below, and feel free to forward this message to anyone who might be interested.

Please feel free to download the book and read it – during the event you will have the chance to give your comments or share ideas for action from you or your organization.


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