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Rural Water Supply Network

The Rural Water Supply Network is the only global network of people and organisations who are committed to sharing knowledge, developing professionalism and collaborating to achieve universal access to safe, affordable water supplies in rural areas.

Support the Rural Water Supply Network to help secure a future in which all rural people have access to sustainable and reliable water supplies. 

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Your support now is more vital than ever. The Rural Water Supply Network will continue to provide an open platform for rural water professionals around the world to share vital knowledge. If you have found RWSN useful please consider giving a small, regular contribution to help us reach more people. 

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Join the Rural Water Supply Network as an individual or as a member organisation to share knowledge, collaborate and be up-to-date on innovations in the rural water sector.  

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RWSN is a safe space for discussion and collaboration, which enables members to share expertise, experience and resources on rural water; it is a trusted source of information for many rural water practitioners worldwide.

Many actors are working to address global water challenges, but they cannot be successful alone. SDG 6.1 calls for universal access to safe and affordable drinking water. Given that 8 out 10 people without such access live in rural areas, RWSN’s role is critical for achieving this target.

Our network helps governments, NGOs, development partners and the private sector learn from each other, to jointly develop locally adapted solutions and to scale up successful approaches. Professionalism is needed to ensure that rural water supply, like any other service, is delivered effectively, efficiently and with integrity.


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