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Sustainable Operation and Maintenance of Rural Water Supplies: Are we moving in the right direction? Perspectives No 3

Downloads: 184
Author: HARVEY, P.
Year of Publishing: 2009
Publisher: RWSN
Institution: UNICEF

Hand Pump Mechanics Associations Improving rural water service delivery BRIEFING NOTE APRIL 2012

Downloads: 152
Year of Publishing: 2012
Publisher: Triple-S
Institution: MWE, IRC, SNV

History and status of the rope pump in Nicaragua - a success story about rural communal water supply and self-supply

Downloads: 101
Author: G.Ferrero, J. D. Briemberg
Year of Publishing: 2022
Publisher: RWSN
Institution: Skat Foundation / SMART Centre Group

Professionaliser les services d'eau portable en milieu rural / professionalising rural water services World Water Forum 9: Session 2A4 (22 March 2022)

Downloads: 98
Author: Boulenouar, Furey, Diagne, Ndianor, Akdi, Dahane, Money and Delaire
Year of Publishing: 2022
Publisher: -
Institution: -

Ten Factors for Viable Rural Water Services Sustainable WASH Systems Learning Partnership

Downloads: 91
Author: Harvey, A.
Year of Publishing: 2021
Publisher: USAID SWS Learning Partnership
Institution: Whave Solutions

Evaluation of Maintenance Systems in Ghana

Downloads: 20
Author: Fonseka J, & E. Baumann
Year of Publishing: 1994
Publisher: Skat

The Karonga VLOM Field Experience with Afridev Deepwell Handpumps April 1991 to March 1994

Downloads: 10
Author: Jespersen, C. B.
Year of Publishing: 1994
Publisher: Water Department/Danida
Institution: Karonga Lakeshore Integrated Rural Groundwater Project

Preventive Maintenance of RUWATSAN 1 and India Mark II handpumps

Downloads: 9
Author: Kumar Daw, R.
Year of Publishing: 2008
Publisher: UNICEF
Institution: Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources and National Water Resources Institute

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