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Beyond Retirement Still in my garden laboratory


Having reached the ripe age of 72 I have entered a stage in one’s life when people normally look backwards rather than forwards. But the retirement age, as it is sometimes called, allows a person to take up interests that may have been side-lined for years. It is an era which provides the possibility to take up a new and refreshed life style, which is as busy as one choses. I have now entered that era.

But my home and garden have been the birthplace of many developments which have entered the public domain. And the garden is littered with what many would call junk or at best aging demonstrations! I call it treasure. It serves to remind me of the supreme effort one placed, over the years, to develop many things which, in some cases, are now common place in certain parts of the world.

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Morgan, P. (2015) Beyond Retirement. Still in my garden laboratory , Harare, Zimbabwe


Beyond Retirement
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