The REACH/RWSN 100 Million Initiative A Global Diagnostic of rural water service providers to inform results-based funding (EN/ FR/SP/PT/RU/CHI)

100 Million Initiative

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Project starts: 2020
Project finished: 2030
Collaborators & Partners: REACH; Uptime Consortium; University of Oxford; other partners
Funder: Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)


In 2017, almost 800 million people still lacked even a basic water supply. Eight out of ten of those people lived in rural areas , many in communities that at one point or another, saw the construction of water points. Yet, after decades of investment, what’s left behind is a graveyard of failed rural water supply infrastructure and services.

By and large, sector partners agree: not only is there a need for increased operations and maintenance funding ; links between investments and results need to be more transparent , and the value of existing public funding needs to be maximized by incentivizing sector performance, improving subsidy targeting and promoting better sector planning and management .

We believe one key answer lies in the use of Results-Based Funding for rural water services. Particularly in rural areas, it is clear that concessionary funding is needed to guarantee reliable services for everyone . Results-based funding is a way to invest those funds in a manner that is targeted, transparent, data-driven and scalable, while motivating services to improve over time.

Selected performance metrics , such as the number of waterpoints that work reliably, the volume of water produced, and the amount of local revenue generated, are used to design performance-based contracts with service providers, and inform payments when results are verified.

Project Description

The 100M Initiative will undertake a multi-stage data collection exercise to estimate the scale and potential of results-based funding globally.

Steps will include:

• Identify and reach out to as many rural water service providers as possible, with a focus on low- and middle-income countries;
• Administer a short survey collecting data to inform viability and design of results-based funding contracts across different contexts and service types; the survey is available for completion until 25 June 2021:
• Identify a Reference Group of service providers across multiple countries interested to model results-based funding at scale;
• Use collected data and analysis to finalise a strategy to develop results-based funding for 100 million people by 2030;

How can you get involved?
A truly global diagnostic requires us to reach rural water service providers beyond those connected to RWSN and other global networks. We seek your help in identifying as many of them as possible.

Are you…
• …a water service provider working in or planning to work in rural areas and willing to complete the survey? Please do so by filling it out here: by 25 June 2021.
• …working for an agency interested in exploring results-based funding for rural water services?
• …able to provide us with contacts to help us build our global database of rural water service providers and/or rural water programme managers at national level?

Or would you….
• …like to know more about this initiative?
• …be interested to join the Reference Group?

Then contact us at Meleesa Naughton & Sean Furey (RWSN), Robert Hope & Alice Chautard (REACH/ University of Oxford), Duncan Mc Nicholl (Uptime), and Carolien Henderson & Kristina Nilsson (Skat Foundation).

More Information

» Survey link (EN/FR/SP/PT/RU/CHI)

Survey for water service providers in rural areas (15 min to complete)
Deadline: 25 June 2021

» English: REACH/ RWSN 100M presentation and flyer

» Francais: L'initiative 100M de REACH/ RWSN

» Spanish: La Iniciativa 100M de RWSN-REACH

» Portuguese: Iniciativa RWSN-REACH 100M

» Russian: Иницитива RWSN-REACH 100M

» Chinese: REACH-RWSN 1 亿倡议

» REACH/ RWSN 100M webinar

This webinar presents the 100M Initiative, which will undertake a multi-stage data collection exercise to estimate the scale and potential of results-based funding for rural water services globally.

» REACH Water

REACH (Improving water security for the poor) is a global research programme to improve water security for millions of poor people in Africa and South Asia.

» Uptime Consortium

Uptime is a global consortium working to deliver drinking water services to millions of rural people through long-term, performance-based funding to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6.1.

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