27.07.2015 - 31.07.2015

38th WEDC International Conference Sustainable Water and Sanitation Services for All in a Fast Changing World • Loughborough UK

23.08.2015 - 28.08.2015

World Water Week 2015 Stockholm • Stockholm, Sweden

26.10.2015 - 30.10.2015

Water and Health 2015 University of North Carolina • Chapel Hill, USA

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RWSN rated a top WASH non-profit for 2015!

A survey of 81 WASH experts by charity navigation website, Philanthropedia, has placed RWSN 7th in the list of most effective non-profit organisations - and the top network. It is also great to see that most of the other organisations are either RWSN Executive Committee members (WaterAid, IRC, UNICEF), RWSN Member Organisations (World Vision, Water for People) or have an active individual members of the network. The summary of the experts opinion on RWSN includes: Evidence of Impact Summary: Experts respect RWSN as a forum for discussion for 6,000 water professionals; a setting for knowledge exchange and networking. The RWSN is also useful as a resource that allows its member organizations to view the best practices of peer organizations and adopt them in their own. RWSN also provides guides to its member organizations providing tips regarding development. " Organization Strengths Summary: The Rural Water Support Network, due to the breadth of its supporters, is highly esteemed in the field of WASH and its nonpartisan nature is valued. They also have been able to bring different stakeholders together for fruitful dialogue. There are also some recommendations on how we can improve, which is helpful, and we look at how to address those. | »


Website Updating site Web Actualisation

Following your feedback, we are improving the navigation of this website so that it is easier for you to find information on topics that are of most interest to you. As we implement new features or layout you may notice some changes - thanks for your patience as we get this sorted.. | »


Self-supply is now rolling out on a large scale in Ethiopia l’auto-approvisionnement se répand maintenant à une large échelle en Ethiopie

Within the Millennium Water Alliance project practical Self–supply training was conducted in Ethiopia by IRC in the framework of the implementation of the ONE WASH strategy. Various options for business models are being evaluated and supply-chains strengthened. IRC published guidelines on how to develop Self-supply action plans. Other international partners include the African Development Bank who support the Ethiopian government in improving and monitoring Self-supply. More information on training and documentation: Lemessa Mekonta at [mekonta @] or John Butterworth [butterworth @] | »


Essential reading for any organisation installing handpumps in DRC Est-ce que votre organisation a installé des pompes manuelles dans l’est de la RDC? Une étude met en exergue la nécessité d’améliorer les services d’eau plutôt que le nombre de projets d’eau

A new report, commissioned by UNICEF “Supply chain analysis of handpumps and spare parts in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo” by A-aqua and Fontes Foundation found many failed handpump projects by NGOs, UN Agencies and government because: “Usually, no spare parts ordered together with handpumps by implementing actor”; “No market for spare parts because handpumps are ordered outside the locally established market”; “Lacking or only incomplete training of hand pump mechanics”; “No follow up or training after installation of handpump”. | »


Clean water from good boreholes critical to Ebola response De l’eau propre issue de forages fonctionnels: élément essentiel pour lutter contre Ebola

Ensuring that medical facilities have sufficient quantities and quality of water is critical as the crisis in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea continues. For those agencies working these areas and who maybe drilling boreholes we strongly recommend that you refer to the RWSN Code of Practice for Cost Effective Boreholes to make sure work is being done to a high quality and a reasonable cost. French versions of all the companion volumes will be available very soon. | »

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